Sunday, 24 February 2008

Eduardo da Silva


Arsenal striker Eduardo da Silva has been taken to hospital after suffering an horrific leg break in their Premier League clash with Birmingham. The injury was so shocking that players were left visibly upset, and the game was stopped for eight minutes. The Brazilian-born star was left in agony after a lunging tackle by City defender Martin Taylor sent him crashing to the floor at St Andrews.

Taylor was immediately sent off but the striker had to be given morphine by paramedics before he was able to be stretchered off wearing an oxygen mask. Players were left reeling in horror, with several unable to look at Eduardo's injury. Sky Sports said they would not replay the incident because the pictures were too horrific. Medical staff at the ground were also reported to be shocked.

Speaking after the 2-2 draw, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger blasted Taylor and said he should be banned from football. "The tackle was horrendous and I think this guy should never play football again. He has got nothing to do on a football pitch," Wenger said.

Eduardo could now face a fight to save his career. Player needed morphine and oxygen"The season is over for him, maybe more than the season, the injury is very bad," Wenger added. "It was a massive shock for the team. Eduardo is a fantastic guy and for the players to see him in such pain and to see his leg in such a shape had an effect."

TV commentators drew a comparison to Coventry City defender Dave Busst. His career was ended after he suffered a compound fracture of his right leg against Manchester United in 1996. Play was interrupted for 10 minutes before Busst was stretchered off and blood from his wounds was washed off the pitch.

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