Saturday, 8 November 2008

A new Gecko from an egg...

So where else would a Gecko come from but an egg? But this is sl;ighty unusual in that the egg travelled 12,000 miles before the Gecko hatched. French scientists say they have hatched a new gecko species from an egg plucked from its nest in a South Pacific island and carried to Paris in a box lined with Kleenex.

France’s National Museum of Natural History says the discovery marks the first time a new species of lizard has been catalogued based on an individual raised from an egg. The museum says it is baptised with the Latin name Lepidodactylus buleli and makes its home near the tops of the trees that line the west coast of Espiritu Santo, one of the larger islands of the Vanuatu archipelago, east of Australia. Just three inches long, the gecko lives in trees, feeding off ants and other insects and, possibly, the nectar it sips from treetop flowers. The species is not thought to be endangered.

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