Monday, 28 January 2008

One Mole, Two Moles, ...

A conservation charity is calling for thousands of volunteers to take part in a national survey of moles. The People's Trust for Endangered Species says the much-maligned mammal is actually a misunderstood creature which can help gardeners and farmers. The survey will involve a molehill count because the underground-dwelling animals are rarely seen. The trust hopes to compile a map of the distribution of the animals to help with future research.

Britons have historically had a mixed relationship with the creatures. Conservationists say farmers would hang moles from gibbets to ward off other moles, and moleskin clothing became so fashionable in the 19th Century that up to 13 million skins were sold a year. Ways of deterring or terminating moles are a frequent topic of conversation among gardeners. However, wildlife experts say moles are beneficial because they eat insects and aerate the soil with their tunnels.

The online survey will be taking place until September 2008.

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