Sunday, 13 January 2008

Paddle your own kayak...

13th Jan - Two Australians have become the first people to paddle to New Zealand across the Tasman Sea in a kayak.
The 62-day, 3,300km (2,050-mile) journey from New South Wales was half as long again as they had planned. Strong winds and tides meant James Castrission, 25, and Justin Jones, 25, were swept in huge circles, and had to abandon hopes of reaching Auckland. Instead, they landed at New Plymouth in the west of New Zealand, greeted by a fleet of Maori canoes and a beer each.
Castrission and Jones paid tribute to another Australian kayaker, Andrew McAuley, 39, who disappeared while attempting the same crossing solo last February. His kayak was later found, but his body was never recovered; his camera showed that he had come within sight of New Zealand before he vanished.

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