Monday, 14 January 2008

Sat-nav no use here...

This is one of the first anti-sat-nav signs in the UK. Vale of Glamorgan Council in South Wales is the first in the UK to use road signs warning drivers not to believe sat-nav advice after once peaceful villages like St Hilary were reduced to bedlam when heavy-goods lorries got stuck in tiny country lanes.

I wonder if they will put a "Sat-nav doesn't work here" sign in Sheepy Magna in Leicestershire. Yes, there really is such a place and through it runs the appropriately named River Sense (seen in flood above). It was down this river, swollen by rains, a London woman in her twenties drove her £96,000 Mercedes sports car to its death (but fortunately not hers) when led astray by her sat-nav after a party. The Mercedes SL500 was swept 600 yards downstream, bouncing from one bank of the river to another before coming to rest. In the process of relying on her sat-nav the driver ignored an ‘Unsuitable for motor vehicles’ road sign so perhaps it would be a waste putting up an 'Unsuitable for sat-nav sign' after all... Perhaps a better alternative would be for all roads in the UK to have a 'Use common sense here' sign!

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