Thursday, 21 August 2008

Lightning Bolt

If Michael Phelps claimed the glory of week one of the Bejing Olympics it is Usain Bolt who will be remembered for the second week. Not only did he easily smash the world record in the 100 metres, taking it down to 9.69 secs) but in a wonderful week from an amazing athlete, the 200m race was the most staggering moment of all. He finished in 19.30 seconds to break Michael Johnson's 12-year-old world record, one of the most venerable in the books. Jaws dropped. Gobs were smacked, flabbers were gasted. That shouldn't have been possible. Michael Johnson's 200m world record was supposed to be untouchable. He had said that if Bolt concentrated on time and ignored the flag waving antics of his 100m run he could do it. And he did, despite supposedly being tired after running eight races in six days.

Bolt, seen here winning his 100m race, is by no means alone in getting two Golds and two world records at an Olympic Games but what Golds and what world records!

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