Thursday, 14 August 2008

More Medals

The personable David Florence got a brilliant silver medal in the CI canoeing slalom final.

Britain's eventing team got a bronze and Tina Cook on Miner's Frolic got a Bronze in the Individual eventing. As she rode for her individual medal the commentator was so wound up apologised in advance in case he swore.

Emms and Robertson (silver medallists from last Olympics) got through their first round - agsinst the Chineseto whom they lost in the last finals. For them it was like a final all over again.

Emma Pooley brought in our second Silver with a second place in the women's time trials cycling. In the pool American Michael Phelps won medals four and five of this games taking his all-time tally to a record ten. Then he got another making him the most successful Olympian of all-time. He is still on target for eight medals in eight days with eight world records....

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  1. I'm not sure that Olympian success can be measures in medals alone. Particularly given that, in this case we are talking of one single discipline, swimming, where medal 'collection' is relatively (and I use the word advisedly) possible.


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