Friday, 22 August 2008

Phillips Idowu

Phillips Idowu got a Silver in the triple jump - not a happy bunny after expecting to get a Gold and despite wearing Kelly Holmes's lucky number 1809. Idowu is known for his eccentric personality, sporting a variety of hair colours, an array of facial piercings and trademark booming laugh. There was no laughing at the end of his event. I expect he will always view his medal with mixed feelings after having been the favourite to take Gold. Not that it is any consolation to him but I think that any sporting event is to some extent a lottery and to be the Olympic silver medallist for th next four years is a pretty creditable achievement. And there's always 2012...

I had expected, at the start of these Games, to be saying "There's always 2012" about a lot of the British competitors but they have done so brilliantly that it is going to be very hard for them and their successors to do as well.

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