Saturday, 23 August 2008

Our 18th Gold

Tim Brabants powered to a superb victory in the final of the men's K1 1000m to win Great Britain's 18th gold medal of the Olympics. The 31-year-old dominated the race from the start, finishing almost a boat's length ahead of the defending champion, Norway's Erik Veraas Larsen. Brabants crossed the finishing line in 3 min 26.323 sec to win Britain's first ever canoeing Olympic gold medal.

Shanaze Reade crashed out of the BMX final while in second place on the last bend - she wasn't going to settle for silver. It was gold or nothing. Nothing - except a possible broken hand. But at the age of 19 "There's always London 2012...."

Meanwhile, Heather Fell got an excellent silver in the modern pentathlon.

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